shutterstock_39312295_smallWhy should I hire a professional organizer? 

A professional organizer is trained to help people overcome their challenges with clutter, time management, and getting things done. By hiring a professional organizer and productivity consultant, you are not just tidying up a room; you are learning skills and implementing new methods for staying organized. A professional organizer brings a background of time-proven tips, successful strategies, and creative solutions for organizing your space.

What’s the deal with coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you create lasting change in your life. It would be so simple if we could just move some stuff around your home, buy some attractive storage bins, and call it a day, BUT — our efforts are more valuable if we understand your challenges. By gaining awareness through the organizing process, we are better equipped to identify solutions that you can really own, implement, and maintain. Many people find that coaching calls between “hands-on” organizing sessions make them more successful.

Will you make me throw away my stuff? 

Absolutely not. My role is to help you make decisions about your belongings. I will ask you tough questions to assist you through the process. Only you can decide the true value of the things you possess and what to do with them.

Will I need to be present during the session? 

Yes — this is a MUST! Working with a professional organizer means you get one-on-one attention.  In order for us to create a customized plan for organizing your space, you’ll need to participate in order to let me know your needs and preferences. In addition, your presence during an organizing session means you will be learning new skills to help you maintain order when I’m not there. As your commitment to staying present, it’s important that you minimize distractions such as work emails, phone calls, playful pets, and doting children.

Have you ever seen a space as bad as mine? 

I have seen a wide variety of homes and offices with a range of organizational needs. I will not judge you because of the state of your space; I’m here to help. Part of my agreement with you includes a confidentiality statement, so you know your privacy will be honored.

What is NAPO and why is it important to hire a member of NAPO as my organizer? 

NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers. This organization is the leading voice on what’s current in professional organizing philosophy and practice. NAPO members are educated and abide by an industry code of ethics. As a NAPO member, I make the following promises to my clients:

Working Relationships

  • I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and will treat them with respect and courtesy.
  • I will offer services in those areas in which I am qualified and will accurately represent those qualifications in both verbal and written communications.
  • When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, I will make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified organizers and/or other qualified professionals.
  • I will advertise my services in an honest manner and will represent the organizing profession accurately.


  • I will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal, including that which may be revealed by other organizers.
  • I will use proprietary client information only with the client’s permission.
  • I will keep client information confidential and not use it to benefit myself or my firm, or reveal this information to others.


  • I will decide independently and communicate to my client in advance my fees and expenses, and will charge fees and expenses which I deem reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with my experience, the services I deliver, and the responsibility I accept.
  • I will make recommendations for products and services with my client’s best interest in mind.

So… what’s next? 

Pick up the phone or send me an e-mail explaining your needs to determine if we’re a good fit. Next, we will schedule an in-home consultation. After assessing your space and better understanding your organizing challenges, we can work together to bring order to life!

What are your payment and cancellation policies? 

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered for organizing consultations and hands-on sessions. Payment is expected by the 3rd of the month for ongoing coaching services, or by the date of the first coaching call for new clients. Cash and check are preferred; credit card and PayPal also accepted.


All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or a $75 fee will be charged.

How long will it take to organize my space? 

All hands-on organizing sessions require a minimum of 2 hours. We will use this time to assess problems and practice skills all while we plunge in to hands-on organizing. It is important to allow enough time for unfinished projects to be cleaned up and out of your way. While some clients want to power through 6 hours of organizing, many people reach their limit after around 3 hours. Exactly how long a project will take depends entirely upon the initial condition of the space, your organizing goals, and your ability to make decisions quickly. By working with a professional organizer and coach, you are better equipped for success.